Awesome news! A rifle and a bag has been selected for Docedge Kolkata 2018, the Asian Forum for Documentary! The mentoring program and pitching event will be held in Kolkata from February 26th till March 5th.

"DocedgeKolkata, Asian Forum for Documentary is an international documentary event attended by some of the most noted documentary makers from across the globe along with foundations and broadcasters. DocedgeKolkata is the most successful documentary platform in India to create co-production opportunities for creative independent filmmakers/artists passionate to produce socially relevant intriguing stories from real life"

See you in Kolkata!


Last week I was lucky enough to take part with my dear friend and colleague Cristina Hanes at the very inspiring workshop for developing documentary film project in Arad, Romania. The Lab is part of the fARAD Festival, that has been going on for the past four years.
We applied to the Lab with our film project A rifle and a bag, a co-production between India (Nocut Collective) and Romania (Andra Popescu, Conset Production). Together with Arya Rothe we are founders of Nocut Collective and this is the first feature film the three of us are working on (more news to come about that!).
Going back to the point: the 6-days workshop was organized in three section:

  1.  The sound workshop with Dana Bunescu, film and sound editor. Among all the project she worked on I will just mention 4 Months 3 Weeks and 2 Day (2007) by Cristian Mungiu and Ana, mon amour by Peter Călin Netzer for which she received the Silver Bear for technical achievement at the Berlinale 2017.
  2. The feedback session of the selected projects. Including ours, this year five projects were selected. Each team presented the film to the mentors and experts, showing also some visual materials. Projects were at different stages of development, some in pre-production, some already completed.
  3. The editing and storytelling masterclass held by Erin Casper. This year we were lucky to have Erin, Emmy nominated for Risk by Laura Poitras. Retracing sequences of the films Erin has worked on, the masterclass was focused on emotional and narrative structure in documentary, how to organize the workflow and more in general the journey from a rough cut to the picture lock.
fARAD Festival 2017 focus was "Celebrity"

fARAD Festival 2017 focus was "Celebrity"

In addition to this there were also the screenings of the film festival that for every edition has a different focus. This year the focus was "Celebrity". Overall a very busy and inspiring week.
About the logistics. The Lab and the accommodations are free of charge, but the participants need to take care of their travel and food for the week.
Arad is just one hour away from Timisoara that has a very well connected airport (I flew from Rome to Timisoara with Wizzair).

A couple of consideration about the Lab: although it is open to filmmakers from all over Europe, I was the only non-Romanian one and unfortunately some sections of the sound workshop with Dana Bunescu were only in Romanian. Anyway the workshop was very practical, very little theory and talking involved!
The most inspiring section was definitely the feedback session. For us it was the very first time presenting publicly this project and really got the best out of everybody's feedbacks. Thanks to the other participants and the guests (among them Magnus Gertten, Alexandru Belc) the session was the perfect place to help us move forward in our concept and allow us to share ideas with the other participants.